Business Etiquette Training

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Business Etiquette Expert Lisa Taylor Richey

Lisa Taylor Richey is the preeminent expert and leader in business etiquette training. Today’s leaders know that to stay competitive and to be influential, their teams must be polished professionals.

Lisa is an experienced speaker that knows how to engage, captivate and motivate the talent within your organization. She is approachable and communicates expressively with storytelling and a professional style of interaction. She speaks and provides training programs for organizations and associations of all sizes and industries.

As a speaker, Lisa marries real world experience with a magnetic and personable presence to help organizations thrive. Every training experience is different. The presentations are customized to drive the biggest impact. Lisa shares engaging stories, appealing visuals and practical techniques that motivate and inspire your employees to be their best.

“Lisa came into our organization and provided our professionals with an excellent, relevant and interactive presentation as it relates to professionalism, dressing for success, and bringing etiquette back into our everyday lives, both personal and professional. Lisa has great energy and really captivates her audience during her presentation.”

Maureen O’Reynolds
Senior Manager of Deloitte and Touche
Stanford, CT

“Lisa was fantastic! She brought to life the importance of relationship development in the workplace and provided practical guidance to our team in how to best develop meaningful relationships with clients and prospects. Lisa has a warm and engaging personal presence and has made a real impact on our team.”

David Crossed
Partner, Navigate Consulting
Wayne, PA

“The business etiquette training offered by the American Academy of Etiquette is perfect for any company aspiring for greatness through professionalism. Lisa was effective, likable, and relatable. Favorite Topics include:d dining etiquette and improving your personal brand. We highly recommend this training.”

Gary Osorno
President, Accutrans
New Orleans, LA

Topics and Outcomes

Lisa’s presentations go beyond the basics of good manners. Her programs give your employees the skills to become more influential, polished and professional. In today’s social media economy, there is a missing link: the human connection. Building strong client relationships is paramount for your company. From improving an employee’s personal brand, to the importance of a positive attitude in the office, this program provides your employees the tools to build lasting relationships with clients and the confidence to succeed in the workplace. As casual and modern as we all have become, business etiquette skills are still essential. Lisa’s inspiring presentations deliver practical tools that can be used immediately to increase professionalism and change behaviors within your organization.

Participants will learn:

  • Why their reputation is their most important asset
  • What is a personal brand and how to define theirs with intention
  • Attitude is key in the workplace
  • Communication skills: verbal and non-verbal
  • Email etiquette and how to manage the in-box
  • What it means to be professionally dressed in their industry
  • The art of the human connection; how to build meaningful relationships
  • Generational similarities and differences and why we all need to get along
  • The business meal and cocktail reception: how to entertain a client
  • How to network and get results

Why their reputation is their most important asset
The participant is asked to define their personal brand. Topics include: how to act, first impressions, and acceptable workplace behavior.

Attitude is key in the workplace
Are you a workplace whiner or achiever? Attitude matters in both our professional and personal life. Topics include: a good and bad disposition, gossip, and a deficit based thinker versus an asset based thinker. Which are you?

Conversation Skills
Do you know how to engage a client, your manager or a co-worker in a conversation? Social media may have caused us to become a bit self-centered. Learn how to become a conversationalist and engage with others.

Topics include: how to become well-rounded and feel comfortable talking to anyone, and tips to become more charismatic.

Your Online Reputation and How to Be Savvy with Your Tech
How you compose an email and how your present your profile on social media channels are all part of your first impression. From your LinkedIn photo to sending an email that is concise and well written, this module gives all the details to make you savvy online.

Topics include: what to communicate, what not to post and whether you should text during a meeting.

Professional Dress
What does it look like to be professionally dressed in your industry? This module is customized accordingly. Visuals are shown and discussed so there isn’t any confusion. How you dress is a very important part of a first impression.

Topics include: the difference between business and weekend casual, corporate attire and how to dress for client meetings.

The Art of the Human Connection
The art of the human connection is a very popular and important module on how to build relationships with clients and co-workers. Let’s face it; we do business with people we like and trust.

Topics include: ten action steps to create and enhance relationships, how to engage, endear and become more likable.

Meeting Etiquette
We spend an incredible amount of time in meetings at the office and off-site. It is important to know the rules as a participant and as a presenter.

Topics include: how to set an agenda, what to do with your devices (cell phone, laptops, etc.) when and how to voice your opinion.

Generational Differences and Similarities
Never before have we had so many generations in the workplace. A team exercise is included in this module that is fun, interactive and brings back memories.

Topics include: defining the generations, strengths and weaknesses of each, and how to apply the knowledge to better serve and understand your clients.

The Business and Basics of Dining
Whether you are entertaining a client or eating lunch with your co-workers, table manners are key. If you don’t use table manners, it is a turn off and you will lose trust and creditability.

Topics include: navigating a table setting, how to hold a fork correctly, who pays, how to entertain a client and much more.

Networking Is Key
Getting out of the office and networking is critical for your company and employees. Learn tips to gain confidence and to get results.

Topics include: how to prepare so you do not waste your time, how to be more interesting, how to start and end a conversation, how to follow up and how and what to eat at a cocktail reception.