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Business Etiquette: Your Posture and Claire on House of Cards

To have good posture you must pull your shoulders down, and elongate your spine. Hold your head high. Smile. Walk in a room with your most perfect posture. Show off your confidence, style and the fact that you know you are very comfortable in your own skin. This works whether you are sitting or standing.

Did JP Morgan Make the Right Decision with Their Recent Dress Code Policy?

Business Casual: JP Morgan’s New Dress Code JP Morgan Chase & Co announced a new dress code.  The Wall Street Journal reported on the details in their Saturday edition. JPMorgan is adopting a new business casual policy. Our largest bank is taking a break from traditions.  JP Morgan is advising employees to wear more casual […]

Business Etiquette and Texting

  Business Etiquette and Texting Business etiquette and texting?  Do the two go together? When in business is it appropriate to text? So much has changed with technology and you might ask yourself, what are the new rules of texting etiquette? Texting is informal and the most casual way to communicate in business.  Is it […]