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7 Corporate Etiquette Success Tips for Today’s Millennial

Are you a Millennial in the corporate world? Millennials, people born between 1980-1996, are brimming with genuineness and deep feelings which makes them of great value in the workplace. Millennials can quickly gain respect from their coworkers and superiors when they make proper office etiquette a priority.  This respect can give a platform from which Millennials can […]

Business Etiquette: Body Language

Body language is one of the keys to your success both professionally and personally. Our movements are speaking as loudly as our words, whether you know it or not.

Here are 9 tips that will significantly enhance, magnify and boost your image. 1. Powerful handshake – Is yours powerful? Are you sure? Have a friend check it out. You must make web to web contact with your hand. Business deals or job opportunities are lost due to wimpy handshakes. This a very important part of your first impression. Remember, to always stand for a handshake. This shows respect.

International Business Etiquette Speaker

 International Business Etiquette: My Trip to the Middle East   International Business Etiquette Speaker There is a direct flight from Philadelphia to Doha on Qatar Airlines and I was a passenger on it.   My final destination was Bahrain, a country in the Arabian Gulf.   The Kingdom of Bahrain hosted me as a guest […]