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Polished Professionals
Exceptional Communication Skills
Emotional Intelligence

Corporate Training

The reputation of your company is at risk by not providing your team with Business Etiquette Training.


And Here’s the Problem….

  • If each person on your team is not aligning with your company’s values and branding, you are losing money.
  • You don’t want to give employees too many rules but they need direction and guidance.
  • Some topics are better left to the experts. I can deliver sensitive issues to your team.
  • Basic staff training and onboarding does not address basic soft skill training.
  • Lack of basic soft skills is costing your company money because your team is not aligned with your mission.


How Your Team Benefit from Business Etiquette Training

The American Academy of Etiquette Has Everything You Need to Improve Your Employees’ Professional Behavior. A business etiquette workshop aligns your team and provides real-life guidance and direction.

Here is how it works:

I will come to your company and provide on-site training or via a virtual training classroom experience.

“Lisa Richey came into our organization and provided our professionals with an excellent, relevant and interactive presentation as it relates to professionalism, dressing for success, and bringing etiquette back into our everyday lives. Lisa has great energy and really captivates her audience during her presentation.”
Maureen O’Reynolds

Senior Manager, Deloitte & Touche

How Your Team Will Benefit from a Business Etiquette Workshop

Polished professionals

Your team will feel more respected
Self-awareness and understanding emotional intelligence
Collaborative corporate culture

Increased confidence of your team

Effective communication skills
Build relationships with team members and clients
Aligns your team with your company’s mission

The delivery of these topics will solve most of your pressing issues.

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The Plan How it Works

Step 1

Get a proposal. Click the proposal link below to learn more.

Step 2

Together, we will set a time to customize the event to meet your timeframe and the needs of the participants.

Step 3

Book the date for your workshop, training, or course.

Hi, my name is Lisa Richey, and I am thrilled you are here – because you must be looking for the path to see your employees achieve their highest professional skills.

I bet you know first-hand the issues that many companies are facing in the workplace. The lack of conversation skills, maybe an employee doesn’t understand they have a certain reputation and need guidance to tweak and change it, or employees are not living up to the stated dress code. You may have a strong desire for your staff to be “likeable “or want them to connect with the many generations that are your vendors, employees and clients.

HR professionals and sales organizations, contact me to speak on topics such as personal branding, how to build stronger and better relationships with clients and colleagues, ways to connect the multi-generations that make up the workforce and of course how to dine with ease and grace during a business meal.

Many of my clients comment that my delivery is engaging, informative and makes an immediate difference within an organization.

Ready to Schedule On-site or Virtual Business Etiquette Training?

If you are interested in learning more about a business etiquette training session for your team, I invite you to have a conversation.
Whether we decide to work together or not, I am confident our call will be full of insights.