A polished woman pays attention to the details.

Being a polished woman takes intention and awareness.

Would like to up level your image?  Today’s article has easy action steps you can do now to polish your style.

How to Be a Polished Woman

Walk into a room as if you know where you are going:  Posture wins every time.  It exudes confidence.   Posture is the key to self-confidence, feeling strong and happy from the inside out.

Posture is a must of you want to feel and appear polished.

Habits and Self-Care: Our daily habits tell a great deal about ourselves.  Write down your daily habits – the good ones and the habits that could use improving.  

This exercise will also show what is important to you.  Trust me, this will make a difference in what you deem as really important to you.

Your wallet:  Does this one surprise you?  Take a look at your wallet.  Is it stuffed with receipts.  An overstuffed wallet does not equal a polished woman.  

This is an important part of your overall image and personal brand.

A good habit is to clean out your wallet and handbag everyday.  Yes, that often.  Throw the things that are not necessary.

A Calm Presence:  This takes practice.  And it is necessary for peace and our over all well-being.  Meditation helps tremendously. 

A Polished Dresser:  Wow, this really deserves its own post.  After two years of yoga and sweat pants, it is time for professionalism again. Some professionals need a reminder.

Yes, yoga pants are comfortable and leisure wear is everywhere but that doesn’t mean we have to align with it. 

Be your own person. Notice how you feel on the inside when you wear yoga and sweat pants everyday.  

Listening:  There is a difference between hearing and listening.  Being fully present is a gift.  Today, listening takes intention.  

Put down your phone/device and make eye contact.  Where your eyes go so does your attention.

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