Don’t Share Too Much Information at Work

Don’t Complain, Don’t Explain: Don’t Share Too Much Information at Work

Whether you are an executive or a new hire, this is a very good tip. Think about it. Who wants to be around a complainer? Take a moment and think about your personal relationships. Have you ever had a friend that constantly complains about the same thing over and over? A year later she is still complaining about the same thing? There is a saying out there: “what goes around comes around”. If this is you, stop it and get off the ride. Shift your focus. Watch your world change when you do.
Once during one of my business etiquette training seminars, a woman in the audience spoke up in front of everyone and innocently asked, “if we don’t complain, what do we have to talk about?” She spoke before she considered what she was asking. We all had a nice giggle. What happens when you stop complaining? What do you have to talk about? When you stop complaining, your mind can shift to other things. For example, when you stop complaining in the workplace, you become more creative. You become an asset based thinker instead of focusing on your mind clutter and what you can’t do or what others are not doing. You are free. Remember you can only change yourself, not others.
Beware of over sharing too. This effects your personal brand. Giving out too many details about your events over the weekend may be too much. Your personal life needs to stay that way as well as your health issues. So many of us develop friendships with our colleagues, but telling your friend at work about your latest test for ADHD is not in your best interest. There is no need to explain.

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