American Academy of Etiquette Testimonials

Read what Lisa's clients have to say about her etiquette presentations.

Lisa came into our organization and provided our professionals with an excellent, relevant and interactive presentation as it relates to professionalism, dressing for success, and bringing etiquette back into our everyday lives, both personal and professional. Lisa has great energy and really captivates her audience during her presentation.Deloitte and Touche

~ Maureen O’Reynolds, Senior Manager, Deloitte and Touche, Stanford, CT

Lisa was fantastic! She brought to life the importance of relationship development in the workplace and provided practical guidance to our team in how to best develop meaningful relationships with clients and prospects. Lisa has a warm and engaging personal presence and has made a real impact on our team.

~ David Crossed, Navigate Consulting, Wayne, PA

Lisa’s training was a great investment for our team and a fantastic person to work with. In addition to basic manners, Lisa raised our awareness on how our behaviors shape how we are perceived and how to master the art of human connection. In a business where relationships mean everything, Lisa provided our team with very practical tools to develop a polished, professional and authentic personal brand. I highly recommend Lisa’s program.

~ Amy Weeden, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Propeller. Portland, OR

The workshop was very valuable for my both personal and professional aspects of life. Lisa Richey provided us with an excellent, relevant and interactive presentation. It was AWESOME and such a great learning experience

~ K. Al-Matter, Senior Training Specialist, ASAS, Saudi Arabia

The business etiquette training offered by the American Academy of Etiquette is perfect for any company aspiring for greatness through professionalism. Lisa was effective, likable, and relatable. Favorite Topics include:d dining etiquette and improving your personal brand. We highly recommend this training

~ Gary Osorno, President, Accutrans, New Orleans, LA

Lisa Richey recently presented an etiquette workshop for students at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University. The workshop was very detailed, very well presented, and allowed students hands-on experience practicing their new skills in dining etiquette. Lisa was a confident, accomplished, and charismatic presenter and I’d recommend her highly.

~ Heather KrasnaAssistant Dean and Director Office of Career Services Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, New York City, NY

You only need to meet Lisa Richey once to know that she has a deep and sophisticated knowledge of social graces that comes from years of experience and study, and that she has the self-discipline to continually polish the skills she’s acquired. Lisa’s energetic and interactive presentations thoroughly captivate her audiences. You can really tell that she enjoys helping her audiences gain self-confidence in a variety of social situations.Temple University.

~ Takiko Goldschneider, Immigration Services Specialist, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

Thank you for adding the finishing touch of elegance to an already wonderful weekend at the EMLE Multicultural Conference. Dinner was amazing and your presence there was divine! I look forward to using the information I learned from you.

~ Janelle R. Pope, Member Services Representative, Freedom Valley YMCA, West Branch, Philadelphia, PA

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