Elegance for the Soon-To-Be Etiquette Expert

Let’s dive deep into this one.  Elegance may not be exactly what you think.

I will start off this way….this is what elegance is NOT…

Elegance is NOT a stuffy, judgmental, pretentious display of high society and  a snobby mindset.

So, what is an elegant state of mind?

Ahh… now this is what I like to ponder and observe.

I would like to offer my experience and observation on elegance because I have been studying this for a very long time.

Let’s go to the positive side of ELEGANCE.

Elegance stems from the latin word elegantia (sounds lovely). It means taste and refinement.

Here are my observations and notes so far on elegance:

Elegance is not about having a lot of money but is a mindset.  To have a mindset of elegance you must be hyper-aware.

This type of mindset is kind and refined.  It is not about judgement but inclusion.   Being mindfully elegant is about speaking and making eye-contact daily with everyone.

Elegance is dressing the part and being true to yourself.  If you choose to be the most well-dressed in the room, then own it. You do not have to pull yourself back to join in with the crowd.

Elegance is about being polished in your own style, posture and your manner with others. How you treat yourself and others matter.  

Handle yourself with dignity and self-respect always.  Trust me, you will feel better.

Elegance is about being selective and choosing quality over quantity everyday.

Elegance is showing an interest in others.

Elegance is knowing who you can trust. 

Elegance is choosing not to spew your troubles into the world.  Remember, to be selective.

Elegance is walking into a room or the grocery store knowing your value.

Elegance is embodying GRACE, GRIT and GUMPTION!

I am so curious….what is your experience with elegance?

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