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One of the most popular questions asked during a dining class is about eating soup.  Do we spoon toward or away from us?  Where should I place the spoon when I am finished? May I crumble the crackers into my soup?  If I am entertaining a client for lunch or at job interview, should I even attempt it?  

Below you will find all of your questions answered about eating soup correctly.

How To Eat Soup

The soup spoon is held with the index finger and thumb on top of the handle, similar to how a pencil is held except the thumb is turned up.

  • The soup is spooned away from you.
  • Sip the soup from the side of the spoon.
  • Do not blow on your soup.  Wait for it to get to the temperature that is right for you.
  • To get the last drop of soup, tip the soup plate away from you filling your spoon with the soup.
  • Soup cups and soup plates should be served with a saucer (for a cup) or a plate underneath.
  • The spoon, when it is not being used or when finished, is laid on the saucer for a cup.  When using a larger bowl (soup plate), the spoon is left in the bowl/soup plate, not on the dish underneath it.
  • Don’t slurp your soup.
  • When eating soup out, do not crumble your crackers into the soup.  Place the crackers on the side of your plate or on your bread and butter plate.

photo source:   Lisa Hjalt of LatteLisa

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