How to Prepare for a Business Etiquette Speaking Engagement: A Guide for Training New Hires

Last week I traveled for a speaking engagement for newly hired financial planners.  I was able to witness their excitement for a new career. 

Preparing for a speaking engagement on business etiquette and emotional intelligence for a wealth management company involves a thoughtful and detailed approach.

How to Tailor a Business Etiquette Presentation for New Hires

Understanding the Company and Audience

1. In-Depth Research: I conducted thorough research on the company, focusing on their mission, values, and daily operations. Understanding the culture of a wealth management firm and the expectations for new hires was crucial. I also learned about the demographic makeup of the new hires, including their backgrounds and career aspirations.

2. Collaboration with Leadership: To customize the content effectively, I collaborated closely with the managing director of training. This partnership allowed me to gain insights into the specific skills and knowledge the company wanted to impart to their new hires. Together, we identified key areas such as personal branding, communication skills, and generational connections.

Customize the Content to Meet the Needs of the Participants and Timeframe of the Client

3. Personal Branding: I developed segments focused on personal branding, emphasizing how new hires can present themselves professionally both online and offline. This included tips on dressing appropriately, creating a strong LinkedIn profile, and maintaining a professional demeanor in all business interactions.

4. Communication Skills: Effective communication is paramount in wealth management. I covered topics such as active listening, clear and concise email communication, and the importance of non-verbal cues. Role-playing exercises were incorporated to practice these skills in realistic scenarios.

5. Generational Connections: With a multigenerational workforce, understanding and bridging generational gaps is essential. I included strategies for new hires to connect with colleagues and clients of different ages, focusing on respect, adaptability, and finding common ground.

Engaging and Interactive Delivery for New Hire Training

6. Interactive Dialogue: My goal was to create an engaging and interactive session. I facilitated open dialogues, encouraging participants to share their experiences and challenges. This participatory approach made the session more dynamic and relevant.

7. Thought-Provoking Activities: To make the learning experience thought-provoking and fun, I included activities such as group discussions, case studies, and interactive quizzes. These activities not only reinforced the material but also fostered team-building and camaraderie among the new hires.

8. Real-Life Scenarios: Using real-life scenarios specific to wealth management, I demonstrated how business etiquette and emotional intelligence play out in everyday professional situations. This practical approach helped participants see the immediate applicability of the concepts being taught.

Ensuring Impactful Learning

9. Follow-Up Resources: I provided participants with resources to continue their learning journey, including recommended readings, online courses, and tools for ongoing personal development. This ensured that the impact of the session extended beyond the day of the engagement.

10. Feedback Loop: After the session, I sought feedback from both the participants and the managing director of training. This feedback was invaluable for assessing the effectiveness of the session and identifying areas for improvement in future engagements.

Conclusion on Training New Hires in Business Etiquette

By taking an in-depth look at the company’s needs and tailoring my approach accordingly, I was able to over-deliver on the expectations for this speaking engagement.

The session was not only informative but also engaging, thought-provoking, and enjoyable. Business etiquette and emotional intelligence are vital topics for new hires, and my goal was to ensure they left with practical skills and insights they could immediately apply in their professional roles.

As a certified business etiquette speaker, you can deliver meaningful presentations for all industries and levels within a corporation.

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