Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer.  It is finally warm and our thoughts go to a lazy day at the shore or our first cookout of the season.

Memorial Day Manners

A Passion for Parties, Carolyn Roehm


Before we get to the party, let’s remember the meaning and the history of the day.  Memorial Day dates back to the 1860’s and began as a time to decorate the graves of soldiers.  Originally, it was called Decoration Day.  In 1967 it officially became known as Memorial Day.  Most of us are unaware that there is a moment of remembrance at 3pm local time.  A tradition is to fly the American Flag at half staff until noon and then at full-staff until sunset.  Click here to find out more about flag etiquette. Memorial  Day is an opportunity to honor all who have served and are currently serving in our military.

Memorial Day Manners Etiquette Flag


If you are hosting or invited to a cookout or party this weekend, here are a few tips.

How to be a Good Host or Hostess

  • Prep! Prep! Prep!  Plan and do as much as possible ahead of time.  Set the table, plan your decorations, get out your favorite platters.  Do you have propane and grilling supplies?  The morning of or the day before chop vegetables and fruit.
  • Have some light nibbles when your guests arrive.
  • Use real plates or super sturdy paper plates.  Have plenty of napkins.
  • Anticipate the comfort of your guests.  Check the powder room to make sure your hand towels are neat and clean.  How about hand soap?
  • Mingle with your guest.  Try not to leave them more than 15 minutes. They are there to see you not the hamburgers. See tip #1.

How to be a Good Guest

Cookout Party Manners

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Memorial Day Manners

Suggested Menu for Memorial Day


If you need a recipe for the absolute best mini hamburgers, then try this one.  Your guest will love them.  The homemade pimento cheese is delicous.  Pimento cheese is hard to find up here in the northeast. The recipe calls for a sharp cheddar, pimentos and mayonaisse. As a southern girl, I grew up on it.  It puts these sliders into a class of their own.

Memorial Day Menu

Memorial Day Menu

Oh, I can’t forget my favorite part of any meal.  That is dessert.  If you are searching for the most decadent, luscious, intense, and moist chocolate cake then click here and keep reading.  This one will knock your socks off.  You will never use another recipe for chocolate cake.  Today, I used the recipe for cupcakes which is from my favorite cake blog, Sweetapolita.

Memorial Day Manners

Chocolate Cupcakes with Toasted Marshmallow Filling


Chocolate Cupcakes to Go

The Best Chocolate Cake

The Cake Version

Now, unplug, close your laptop and go enjoy your weekend with friends and family.

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