I was so eager to attend a powerhouse of an event…actually it was a mastermind for online marketers. 

And boy, was I sitting amongst some of the finest out there.  The mastermind was held in San Diego at a retreat center – aka gorgeous AirBnB/home sitting on a cliff.

All the windows and doors were open and yes, that chilly early morning breeze was surrounding the room as was the freshly brewed coffee.

It was such a cool event- California style.

Many times after a business conference or meeting (whatever you like call them), I ask myself “what was my main take away”. 

And actually, for this event, I have two, one was mindset (more on that in a future article) the other, my WHY!  

We focus so much on the how or what we often forget about our WHY.

That is Why I love Simon Sinek’s book, Start with Why, How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action.

Are You Clear On Your WHY?  

In his book, Simon tells the story to two stonemasons.  The first stonemason is asked “Do you like your job?”  He looks up and replies, “I’ve been building this wall for as long as I remember. The work is monotonous. I work in the scorching sun all day. I am not even sure if this work will be completed in my lifetime. It is a job. It pays the bills.”

The second stonemason is asked “Do you like your job?”  He looks up up replies, “ I love my job. I am building a cathedral.  Sure I have been working in this wall for as long as I remember and yes, the work is monotonous.  But I am building a cathedral.”

Companies and leaders who are clear about their “WHY” inspire their employees. 

When employees are clear on the “WHY”, they want to come to work.  They understand and have a common vision on why it is important to build the “cathedral”.

And a very important reason for your team to understand the “WHY” is that people outside the company – your clients, are more likely to understand WHY your company is special.

You know, we all need a bit of “special” right now.  

My WHY on Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette Workshop Course

I count myself as one of the lucky ones.  I am very clear on my WHY. 

And here it is:

I want to help your employees succeed at work.

A WHY, does not need to be complicated.

We DON”T need complicated now or ever.

And there it is….that is how I can help you. 

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