Emotional Intelligence at Work

You won’t truly be in control of your career if you don’t have emotional intelligence. If your teams emotions are running the show, they can end up making costly mistakes.  If they do not have self-awareness or lack emotional intelligence, they are not representing you or your company well.

Are you giving your team guidance in this area?  If not, you may want to.  

The World Economic Forum announced Emotional Intelligence as one of the tops job skills in 2020.

Are you prepared?  How about your team?

First, what is emotional intelligence? 

  • The ability to read the room or a person
  • Self-awareness
  • An awareness of how others are reacting to a situation
  • The ability to manage your emotions.
  • The capability to cheer others up or calm them down in a stressful situation

Emotional intelligence is the “silent skill” that everyone forgets to mention or stress its importance in the workplace.

Your EQ (emotional quotient) is a critical piece to the pie – a team members success – their persona.

Recently, I was speaking for a sales organization.  The VP of Sales asked me to really take a deep dive into this topic. She was concerned about self-awareness on her team.  We peeled back the layers and started with how someone thinks they are perceived.  The entire team set intentions for their personal brand.  

Business Etiquette Emotional Intelligence

Why Emotional Intelligence Matters?

Emotional intelligence is a critical skill that is underrated and an underserved form of intelligence.  Research shows that when you have these skills, you are perceived as being highly competent.

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You must be looking for the path to see your team achieve their professional goals. I bet you know first-hand the issues that many companies are facing in the workplace.  The lack of conversation skills, maybe an employee doesn’t understand they have a certain reputation, or someone doesn’t understand and follow the company dress code.

HR professionals and sales organizations contact me to help guide them and their team on topics such as personal branding, the art of the human connection and ways to connect our multi-generational workforce.

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