Passion and freedom are a powerful combination.

And these two desires are what my licensees (existing and potential) have in common.

I am working from home this week- catching up on content creation, Zooms and all the other things a business requires.

And it is such a joy to know I have the freedom to do it.  

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The past month has been busy with travel. I trained two new licensees – both chose our in-person option as well as to be dually certified. And by that I mean trained in both children’s and business etiquette. 

I am one of those who enjoys business travel.  I like the journey (not the delays!). Meeting new licensees is one of the highlights of owning this business.

I like having the freedom to work from wherever. 

As a Business Etiquette Speaker, I Work From:

  • Home
  • Airports
  • Airplanes
  • Cafes
  • Beautiful hotel lobbies
  • Backseat of my husbands car when we travel to see family
  • My back porch
  • This summer you may have seen me working from the pool
  • A client’s boardroom
  • A client’s office lobby
  • A client’s break room or temporary office
  • The American Airlines Admiral’s Club
  • Starbucks
  • A local coffee shop (love to support local businesses)

What Would Your Life Be Like if You Were a Business Etiquette Speaker?

Answer this one.  Take out a sheet of paper and write it down or sit and let your mind wander.  This is worth doing. 

Imagine having the freedom to travel to meet a new company and their employees.  You have prepared for the presentation. You land the day before and have time to explore a new city – eat a nice meal alone and observe what is around you.  You choose your hotel and whether you fly coach or upgrade.

Even better, imagine the money you can make.  And all of this while making your own decisions and on your own time – because now you have the freedom to work when and from wherever. 

My latest and newly trained licensees have the desire for freedom in common – but both have different backgrounds. One has been an entrepreneur most of her adult life.  The other is still working for a corporation.

The one who is an entrepreneur, wants to phase out of her current company and into being an etiquette expert and speaker.  

All of our licensees have their own story of passion, freedom and experience.

What is your story?  

Lately, I have noticed that most of you want the human connection.  

And that is why we offer a free consulting call. Call and tell your story.  We are happy to share how others have paved their way to freedom. 

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