Generation Z are those born after 1995. This is the generation that is unaware of what the world is like without a device in their hand and the internet.  Many learn how to “click ” or “slide” before they learn how to read!

What Do You Need to Know About Generation Z: Workers of Tomorrow

Are they reading books?  No. Are they connected to video games and looking at two screens at a time?  Yes. Are they patient?  Absolutely not.  Do they want to enter an office that is based on hierarchy?  No.  

It is time to be a forward thinker and consider this young generation that is beginning to enter the workforce.   They are smart.  They are influential.  They have an entrepreneurial mindset.

  1. Generation Z is so involved in the internet and social media that the academic world refers to them as “the mutants”.
  2. Their friends on social media are as important to them as their friends in real life.
  3. They live in “FOMO” – fear of missing out.
  4. Their attention spans are very short.  They skim instead of read.

How Will Generation Z Affect the Workforce?

As you plan for this new generation, my advice is to consider their desire for the workforce to speak to and have an entrepreneurial vibe. Cater to the fact that they want their hobbies to turn into  a “job” or gig. 

Consider the good news: they are smart and have a sense of social responsibility.

Other Names for Generation Z

Internet Generation

Silent Generation

Generation Now

Google Generation

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