Business Etiquette Speakers: Have you ever found yourself wondering how you can up-level your presentations and become more interesting?

Today I am sharing how I am preparing for my speaking engagements this month.

I am traveling extensively in March and need to prepare for different types of audiences. All of my presentations are customized – different industries require special attention.

When I was presenting to a cosmetic company in January I noticed the participants really enjoyed it when I spoke about the Netflix series, Emily in Paris. Have you watched it? Like me, you might think this series is for the younger generation.

You might want to change your mind on this one. It spans the generations and it piques our interest for many different reasons. There are many teachable moments – even in Season 1 episode 1 – you don’t have to look far.

As I am preparing my PowerPoint, I am including clips from this popular series. I am using the clips for a speaking engagement at a University. The audience includes students declaring their major in international business.

Emily is a young American who seizes the opportunity for a special assignment in Paris. She makes many mistakes within the first two episodes.

Not only am I using the clips for university students, but for my corporate clients.

By showing clips both you as a speaker and your audience benefits.

Your audience gets to see an example – real life so to speak of mishaps and of course, professional wins – you don’t only want to show what is wrong. Their attention gets redirected for a moment in time. They get to smile, laugh and experience a different moment – something outside of the conference room.

This also makes for a great discussion. You can use this time for open engagement with them. Listen. Ask for their observations.

As a speaker, you benefit. You become even more relevant. By using clips from movies, documentaries, or podcasts, you are providing a different medium. A mix-up of styles.

You become even more interesting, and who doesn’t want that?

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