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The first few months of this year have been very busy for me with business etiquette travel.  

As a speaker, my days were long and I loved every second.  All of my clients chose my full-day options.  One company decided to split the event into two days. For clarity, when a client contacts me for a proposal on training for their team, I always listen to their needs first and then offer options and fees.  Most of the time, I offer half and full-day events.  At times, this can vary. 

Our Work with Business Etiquette is Diverse and I Like It

I love the diversity of the work we do.  Some audiences were more formal and others very casual.

What is interesting is their take on the topics.  They all have more in common than we might expect.  Yes, formality is necessary for some companies – while others are certainly less formal.

Their needs still align.  They all recognize the need for their team to understand the importance of a personal brand (their reputation).  

Communication Skills Are Always Important- Both Verbal and Non-Verbal  

When these two modules are delivered, it takes at least two hours of the training event.  Communication skills are imperative and we often forget they are a very important part of our personal brand.

 My Most Popular Business Etiquette Topics…Lately

After debriefing with clients and my own observations, I would say the most impactful of the modules was Professional Presence.  Our professional presence matters a great deal.

How we walk into a room, how we dress, what we are thinking – our attitude all matters and make up our professional presence.

The way we dress shows others how we want to be treated. Pause and think about this for a moment. It also impacts how we feel about ourselves.

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Last week I posted an impromptu video about my observations on how others are presenting themselves on flights.

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