My Top 6 Hacks for Business Etiquette Speakers Who Travel 

I will take all the advice I can get when it comes to making travel more accessible.

I like to see what other speakers are wearing, their shortcuts, their luggage, and what they are eating between stops.

Here are some of my latest “travel hacks” as a business etiquette speaker:

  1. Earbuds, Air Pods, Headphones (your choice): These devices make travel productive for me.  I love to listen to Podcasts and audiobooks. I also record my favorite meditations and listen to them during my flight.  And when it gets bumpy, I find music soothing. This little gem also shows your seatmate that you are unavailable for a chat.
  2. Travel light and carry-on:  Even for a 10-day trip, I pack a bag and a personal item.  I have mastered this.  The trick is to take the item that fits under the seat as large as possible.  I place a pair of sneakers in the side pockets, my laptop, and a handbag with another (if necessary) all in this one bag.  I always take a wrap or a coat that matches my travel outfit.  Wear your heaviest shoes.  
  3. Bed picnic:  This is one of my favorite things to do when I  travel.  We all have our favorite meal.  Mine is lunch.  When I travel, I go all in for my lunch.  I like to eat my heaviest meal during this time.  At night, I want to unwind, put on a bathrobe and enjoy my time alone. I plan a “to go” from either the restaurant at the hotel or a local venue. I order delicious salad or soup and spread it out all over the bed- and make a “bed picnic” in my room. I watch a movie on Netflix or read a good book.  This is something I really look forward to when I travel. It is my treat for being away from home.

3. Up-Level Your Travel Clothes;  You will thank me for this one.  Choose an outfit to travel in that makes you feel and look like the woman you are choosing to be.  You are a professional speaker so now is the time to look like one.  Yes, comfort is key.  When you dress well you feel good from the inside and you are always showing others how you want to be seen and treated.  Try it- you will like the results, I promise.

4. Use your time on flights to produce: Some of the best work is created on flights.  Use this time to plan, review your work, and read the business books that you have not had time to read while you are on the ground.  You can also use this time to journal. 

5. To-Do and Task Lists:  Capture your “to-do” list into your calendar. This is perhaps the best tip I have for you today.  Please don’t make a list and do nothing about it.  If you want to make a difference in everything you have to do, then schedule the tasks right into your calendar.

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