Office Fashion for Any Temperature


It is steamy hot in the northeast this week. While speaking at a Women’s Initiative program for a financial firm, I ran into their  human resource manager.  She was so frustrated she had to send an employee home because they were not dressed appropriatley for their office. The HR manager commented the “employee looked like she was headed for the shore”.  Have you heard the saying, “there is a time and place for everything”?  Wearing sundresses, tank tops, and short skirts at the office because it is hot outside is not in your best interest.  Don’t get me started on wearing on flip flops in the office.

So, how can you build a stylish summer wardrobe that works in the heat but still allows you to look and feel professional at work? Luckily, this season it is easy to find lightweight cardigans, fitted blazers, and airy scarves.

So many retailers are offering a featherlight cardigan.  You can easily tie this around your neck during your commute or toss it in your tote bag.  JCrew has cardigans in many colors and fabrics as does Tory Burch. Unlike the cardigan you keep at home, make sure the one on the back of your chair at the office is neat and and free of snags and pilling. As you can see, you have many options.

Power Dressing for Women

Tory Burch Cardigan


Power Dressing for Women

Tory Burch Light Weight Knit


Power Dressing for Women

Cardigan by Banana Republic


Power Dressing for Women

JCrew Cardigan


power dressing for women in the summer

Wrap cardigan from Banana Republic

Another option is the fitted blazer.  No longer do we have to rely on the boxy cut.  The fitted blazer is a favorite of mine.  This should be a staple in your professional wardrobe.  There are still many styles and lightweight options available this time of year.  Theory takes first place in this category.  Not only is this a great piece for the office, but you can pair it with your jeans for a casual weekend look.

Power Dressing for Women

Theory Fitted Blazer


Power Dressing for Women

Fitted Blazer from Banana Republic


Power Dressing for Women in the summer

Tory Burch Blazer

Power Dressing for Women in the summer

Tory Burch Fitted Knit Blazer


The three quarter length top is always easy.  You can push up the sleeves and wear it with a pencil skirt.  How easy is that?

Power Dressing for Women when it is hot outside and cold inside

JCrew top and pencil skirt


power dressing for women in the summer

A classic button down shirt with a pencil skirt:


Power Dressing for Women

Source Unknown

You can always keep a supply of scarves in your desk drawer and throw around your shoulders when you are cold.  Scarves always make an outfit more interesting.

power dressing for women in the summer

JCrew scarf

Power dressing for women in the summer

Diane von Furstenberg Scarf


Many office workers complain about frigid temperatures. According to the International Facility Management Association, two thirds of workers keep extra clothing at the office.  Some wear parkas, flannel shirts over their office attire and blankets.  Now you know you have options, and stylish ones.

So, mind your P’s and Q’s and don’t wear your beach attire to the office.  Cover up, and do so with a professional dress code in mind.

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