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The New Elements of Boss Style: The Power Suit is Over

According to The Wall Street Journal, The Power Suit is over.  How many women do you think are jumping for joy?  Today, female executives are more sophisticated and not afraid to show off their style and femininity.  For years, women have looked for options other than boxy jackets and ill fitting pants or loose skirts.  Women are feeling more comfortable in their own skin. They are no longer playing it safe with their dark suit with maybe a colorful scarf thrown into the mix.  Now it is common to see pink, orange and florals.

The article does state this look is harder to pull off.  It take more time and effort than a white or cream blouse under a navy or black suit.  However, the new look exudes confidence and authenticity.

Michelle Obama’s fashion sense has played a strong role in this.  She is the queen of high low dressing- mixing an Alexander McQueen jacket with a skirt from JCrew.  She wears vivid prints and curvy shapes well.  She is not afraid to stand-out.

A word of caution to the young women out there that are new to the workforce.  These women have “earned their stripes” so to speak. Don’t over do it too early in your career.  Women still need to be careful.  Color and fit are key in achieving this look. Low cut or tight blouses and short skirts are not appropriate at any level.

Tips for Wearing The New Elements of Style

  1. Choose a cropped or fitted jacket; no more boxy or masculine fits.
  2. Don’t overdo the jewelry; one statement piece is enough.
  3. Pair a pinstripe jacket with a floral blouse or skirt.
  4. Mix an expensive piece with a lower priced item.
  5. Opt for a colorful handbag in a bright color.
  6. Mix patterns.
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Photos courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, Elie Tahari and Simply Luxurious Life on Pinterest.