Colleen Lanin, a contributor for The TODAY Show Travel website, recently interviewed me for an article she was writing about teaching children manners during afternoon tea.  Afternoon tea gives families the chance to create lasting memories.  It is also a great time to teach social skills.  During tea you can show your child how to hold the silverware, where to place a napkin, and how to have a conversation.

One of my greatest pleasures is to teach during an afternoon tea.  In 2010 I started a manners program in the Eloise Boutique at The Plaza in New York.  Our first event was completely sold out.  We still offer the events and combine afternoon tea with a lesson in how to be charming.  I look forward to the days when the events are scheduled.  I love walking through the front doors of The Plaza, down the escalator, through the Todd English food court, and around the corner to the very pink Eloise Boutique.  It is a magical experience for me.  Children from all over the world attend with their mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, nannies and grandmothers.  We learn how to be charming and confident all at the same time.  Then tea is served along with finger sandwiches, scones and sweets. The children learn how to hold a tea cup, where the spoon is placed on the saucer and to stir quietly.  It is a heartwarming experience for me to see children walk out the door feeling more confident.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Afternoon Tea with Eloise and Manners To Go Lisa Taylor Richey

Tea with Eloise


By Colleen Lanin, contributor

Tea time provides a rare opportunity to combine something kids love (sweets!) with something moms demand (good manners!). Treat mom to a tea party this Mother’s Day at one of these delightful locales.

Eloise Tea and Simply Charming Tea at The Plaza – New York, N.Y.
“Skibble” off to The Plaza for a tea named for the hotel’s precocious fictional guest, Eloise. The menu includes such “mahvelous” items as kid-friendly finger sandwiches, mini chocolate cupcakes, Eloise shortbread cookies, and chocolate-dipped strawberries. Guests can sip cold pink lemonade or hot peppermint tea. (Daily. $30 children, $50 adults.) Afterwards, be sure to stop by the pink, pink, pink Eloise Boutique to watch Eloise movie clips, take in park views and purchase all things Eloise.

If you’re worried your little darling doesn’t have the table manners to attend such a fancy affair, sign up for a Simply Charming Tea. Lisa Taylor Richey, creator of Manners To Go, teaches children and their adult companions tea-specific etiquette such as how to properly pour tea as well as everyday manners like how and why to make eye contact.



To book a “Charm School” Birthday Party with Eloise and Manners To Go, call The Eloise Boutique at 214-546-5460 or email  Thank you very much and charge it please.

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