Many companies are realizing the importance of their employees reputations in and out of the office.

There are many factors for a companies success, one of course is the strength of their team.

Training is a vital factor for any team’s success.

Business etiquette is the silent skill that makes a big difference.  

Often, when a company calls me they use the word “polished” or professional.  This is what they want to achieve when offering a training in the area of business etiquette. 

So far, my travels have taken me across the country to deliver this type of training to multiple industries and audiences of all sizes. 

Here is what I know, you will notice a change. And here is the good news, it is an immediate change.  In fact, you will notice it the day of and days after the event.

My audiences have been eager and engaged.  So many come up to me after expressing gratitude for the guidance and for me being direct.

Business etiquette is not about rules – it is about self-interest, self-awareness, confidence and of course, emotional intelligence.

Business Etiquette Training is Popular for Many Reasons 

Professionalism: Business etiquette training helps employees develop the skills and behaviors to conduct themselves professionally in various business settings. 

This includes greetings, introductions, communication skills (non-verbal and verbal), behavior in meetings, networking events, and other business interactions. Professionalism is highly valued in the business world, and mastering business etiquette can enhance an individuals reputation and credibility.

Building relationships: Etiquette training emphasizes the importance of building and maintaining positive relationships with clients, co-workers, and managers. Polite and respectful behavior, good communication skills, and understanding cultural norms enable individuals to establish strong connections and create a favorable impression. Building rapport and trust through proper etiquette can lead to better business opportunities and partnerships.

International business: With globalization, businesses are increasingly operating on an international scale. Understanding and respecting cultural differences in business practices and etiquette is essential for successful cross-cultural communication. Business etiquette training provides insights into global customs, traditions, and protocols, enabling individuals to navigate cultural nuances and avoid potential misunderstandings or offense.

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Competitive advantage: In today’s competitive business environment, having an edge can make a significant difference. Employers recognize the value of employees who can represent the company professionally and interact effectively with clients and stakeholders. Business etiquette training equips individuals with the skills to make a positive impression, stand out from the competition, and enhance the overall image and reputation of the organization.

Confidence: Etiquette training instills confidence in individuals. This confidence translates into stronger communication, better leadership skills, and improved overall performance.

Enhanced teamwork and collaboration: Business etiquette promotes respect, courtesy, and consideration for others. By fostering a positive and inclusive work environment, it improves teamwork and collaboration among colleagues. Proper communication, active listening, and effective conflict resolution are essential elements of business etiquette that contribute to a harmonious and productive workplace.

Professional Presence:  This just might be the most popular module so far this year.  Many need direction on how to present themselves in a professional manners.  Our dress codes have changed and become more casual – but what is business casual?  What is appropriate?  Every industry is different.  However, there is still so much confusion.  When you offer this type of training, your employees have a better understanding of what is appropriate and most importantly “why” it matters.

Customer service excellence: Business etiquette training emphasizes the importance of providing exceptional customer service. It equips individuals with the skills to handle customer interactions professionally, resolve conflicts, and exceed customer expectations. Positive customer experiences lead to customer loyalty, positive word-of-mouth, and business growth.

Overall, business etiquette training is popular because it enhances professionalism, builds relationships, facilitates cross-cultural communication, provides a competitive advantage, boosts confidence, improves teamwork, and contributes to excellent customer service. It is a valuable investment for individuals and organizations seeking to excel in the business world.

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