Author: Lisa Richey

7 Corporate Etiquette Success Tips for Today’s Millennial

Are you a Millennial in the corporate world? Millennials, people born between 1980-1996, are brimming with genuineness and deep feelings which makes them of great value in the workplace. Millennials can quickly gain respect from their coworkers and superiors when they make proper office etiquette a priority.  This respect can give a platform from which Millennials can […]

Business Etiquette: Your Posture and Claire on House of Cards

To have good posture you must pull your shoulders down, and elongate your spine. Hold your head high. Smile. Walk in a room with your most perfect posture. Show off your confidence, style and the fact that you know you are very comfortable in your own skin. This works whether you are sitting or standing.

Business Etiquette: Are You Connecting with Your Co-Workers and Clients?

Business Etiquette: Are You Connecting with Your Co-Workers and Clients? When a human resource director contacts me for business etiquette training, most often they request the module on how to build relationships both internally (co-workers) and of course with their clients. Usually they comment on how no one is having a conversation, someone in the office doesn’t understand how to show an interest in the other person or just a general idea on what it means to be likeable.

Did JP Morgan Make the Right Decision with Their Recent Dress Code Policy?

Business Casual: JP Morgan’s New Dress Code JP Morgan Chase & Co announced a new dress code.  The Wall Street Journal reported on the details in their Saturday edition. JPMorgan is adopting a new business casual policy. Our largest bank is taking a break from traditions.  JP Morgan is advising employees to wear more casual […]

How to Write a Thank You Note for Graduation Gifts

Ahh….you have graduated.  Now what do you do about all the gifts received during the festivities?  Don’t fret and procrastinate.  The American Academy of Etiquette is here to make life easy for you. Ten Tips for Writing a Thank You Note for Graduation Gifts Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a handwritten note in the mail? Handwriting […]