Business Etiquette Training: Adaptability

Last week I was in Tampa presenting a business etiquette training workshop.  The team that I presented to was comprised of those that have been with the organization 2-3 years along with the CMO.  The sessions for a business etiquette training workshop are always engaging and of course I learn a great deal too.  In fact, even after spending four hours with a team I can become attached!

During these training sessions, I encourage my participants to speak up, ask questions and to share.  Over the years, of course I can get an immediate pulse on where my audience lies with topics of interest and intrigue.  This group was particularly interested in “adaptability” and what it really looks like to be in the workplace and adapt. …adapt to change in skill set, co-workers, and management.

Adaptability: Tips to Guide Your Team

Step 1

Desire to Learn: Encourage and demonstrate the importance of learning. Creating time to learn is the number one challenge facing talent development.  As a manager, first and foremost, keep up learning new skills in your industry and anything that you find that is relatable. To show how important adaptability is, you might consider including this in the yearly review process. Allow each employee to suggest their topic of interest and foster their learning throughout the year.

Step 2

The Human Connection:  Human connection is paramount.  Communication with co-workers is as important with clients.  Step away from your chair and say “good morning” to a co-worker.  Step away from your chair and instead of sending an email, make eye contact and talk about a project with your team member.

Ask a client to lunch or to get a quick latte before or during the work day.  Notice when you are at your client’s office, what is on their desk.  Are they interested in hiking, cooking, golf or travel?  I am telling you to “go there”.  Ask questions.  Let them talk about their interests.  Who knows, you might have something other than work in common.

Ask yourself how can you help someone?  Do you have a co-worker that may need some of your time to make a project easier?  Is your client searching for a math tutor and you know the perfect match?

Making a human connection is how you become exceptional. Making a human connection also makes you happier.

Step 3

Network: Get out and see what is going on in your industry and community. Networking is how you build relationships and connections.  You experience first hand what is going on in the world.  This keeps you adaptable and aware.

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The lack of conversation skills, maybe an employee doesn’t understand they have a certain reputation and need guidance to tweak and change it, or employees are not living up to the stated dress code. You may have a strong desire for your staff to be “likeable “or want them to connect with the many generations that are your vendors, employees and clients.

HR professionals and sales organizations, contact me to speak on topics such as personal branding, how to build stronger and better relationships with clients and colleagues, ways to connect the multi-generations that make up the workforce and of course how to dine with ease and grace during a business meal.

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