Girls Scout Troop Learning Manners

Girl Scout Troop 4161 Valley Forge Elementary School

What a lovely day I had with Girl Scout Troop 4161 from Valley Forge Elementary School. Everyone used their best behavior and all were beautifully dressed. Yesterday was my second time with the young ladies.  Last year I spoke to the troop about basic table manners and afternoon tea.  This year our focus was on friendships, respecting others and poise.  All topics are near and dear to my heart.

After the troop enjoyed tea, scones and finger sandwiches, at Taste of Britain in Wayne, we got right into the subject of  manners, how to be a good friend, and respect. Of course, I had to start with a review from last year’s tea, so I asked a few questions to see if they remembered where to place the dinner napkin, how to hold a fork correctly, and when and how to shake hands.  All eagerly raised their hand to answer all my questions.  I loved hearing their comments and experiencing their excitement about remembering our discussion from last year. Yes, they answered my questions correctly.  This troop is made up of smart, determined and highly engaged young ladies, I must say.

Tea Party and Manners

Taste of Britain

As I was preparing for the event, it brought back  my fond memories of being a Girl Scout.  Yes, I did.  I ran up to my attic and started going through old boxes my mother sent years ago.  Boxes full of old report cards, christening gowns, and programs from school plays.  I found most of my Girl Scout uniforms, pins and badges. I thought about all of the meetings after school, campfires, s’mores and the pineapple punch my troop leader made.

Manners and Respect for Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Uniforms

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