International Speaker


Lisa Taylor Richey is a speaker that presents to global companies interested in learning about conducting business internationally. Her presentations provide your audience with information on the correct behaviors to use in a variety of cross-cultural situations.

Your program is customized to meet the needs of your audience and is delivered by Lisa in your country at a designated venue.

Participants learn how different cultures view communication skills, body language and work styles in the United States and other countries. What is learned about business etiquette, human interactions and protocol is cutting edge and relevant to conducting business globally.

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Details are given as to why it is important to understand protocols and business etiquette, especially when establishing and building relationships globally. It is very important to be smart and good at your job, but ultimately, it is people and how you treat them that matter.

Participants learn

  • Define and determine protocols in certain countries
  • Etiquette and everyday courtesies
  • How to develop your cultural intelligence

Body language, just like verbal language, is not universal. What might be acceptable in one country may be an insult in another.

Participants learn

  • Gestures
  • How handshakes differ from country to country
  • Eye contact
  • Respecting others personal space

Being a good conversationalist is an art and can be learned. Many feel to be a better conversationalist, one must be more outgoing and expressive therefore they focus on becoming better talkers. This is not how you become more engaging and interesting. What about becoming a better listener?

  • How to become a better conversationalist
  • How to start and end a conversation
  • When and how to be good at “small talk”
  • Tips to become a better listener

Preparing for an international meeting takes time and attention to detail.

Participants learn

  • Expectations of the attendee and the host
  • How to entertain an international guest
  • When to start talking business

An individual’s professional success globally depends on how well he or she can build strong relationships and understand cultural similarities and differences. When an individual is successful, the company they work for succeeds. In order to build trust with others, you must start with the human connection.

Participants learn

  • Tips on how to connect with an international client
  • Deference in business
  • How to follow-up after a meeting

Enjoying a meal with a client often times breaks the ice and can result in a more meaningful connection. Confidence is key when entertaining, especially in the global arena.

Participants learn

  • What to consider when planning an international menu
  • Different styles of dining (American, Middle Eastern and European)
  • Other actions you can take to put your client at ease when eating a meal together