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You don’t want to give them too many rules but they need direction and guidance from their from first day at work or as a refresher.

The reputation of your company is at risk but not giving them training on what professional behavior is and what is acceptable in today’s workplace could cost you money.

Business Etiquette Emotional Intelligence

Benefits of Using our Training Materials

You do not need to hire me every year to train your team!
You are trained to deliver the training
You are able to provide the training to your team on your timeframe
You may use the materials for three years and receive revisions and updates during the three-year term
If you choose the in-person option, you will have the opportunity to observe while I train your staff
We also offer the certification via a virtual setting

How It Works

Step 1

Call or email us to learn more about the etiquette training and certification. 

Step 2

Choose your training option. We offer virtual training as well as an in-person option. We will agree upon the dates and a convenient location for your training.  You do not have to wait for a “live” event. If you choose the virtual option, this saves the cost of travel and related expenses.

Step 3

Book your training dates.


Your Certification and License Includes:

You will be certified and trained by the leading authority of MODERN BUSINESS ETIQUETTE.

Access to Lisa Richey, through your entire three-year license term.
If you choose the virtual training option, you will receive 6 one hour training sessions plus on-going support as needed.
The in-person option includes two days of intensive training at a mutually agreed upon location.
Professionally designed curriculum materials from our business etiquette training catalog.

Presentation decks that may be customized to your branding.

If you choose the virtual training option, you receive “live” video sessions with Lisa Richey and on-going support during your entire licensing term.

Video sessions will be recorded for your future use.

BONUS SESSION: how to up-level your presentations to fit a customized virtual classroom setting for your clients; how to offer online workshops.

Cost $6,400

Why Lisa

Hello, I am Lisa Richey.

Founder of  The American Academy of Etiquette, Inc. Thousands of employees have attended my events and workshops. 

I pride myself on offering the most comprehensive, relevant and modern take on business etiquette training for corporations around the world.

Learn more about Lisa.

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HR professionals and sales organizations, contact me to speak on topics such as personal branding, how to build stronger and better relationships with clients and colleagues, ways to connect the multi-generations that make up the workforce and of course how to dine with ease and grace during a business meal.

Many of my clients comment that my delivery is engaging, informative and makes an immediate difference within an organization.

From Portland, Oregon to the Middle East, I have delivered my popular programs to hospitals, financial firms, universities and management consulting companies. I have helped thousands of people to become more polished, professional and powerful.

My broad base of clients includes Deloitte, Ernest & Young, Siemens, Starz Channel and The Ministry of Bahrain. The audiences have ranged from a group of 12 up to 250. I am available for corporate in-house training or conferences.

My base is Raleigh, NC, and I travel all over the United States as well as international destinations.

I believe etiquette and manners should not be thought of as stuffy and judgmental. Etiquette is about self-interest. Not rules.


I believe that etiquette is not about being stuffy or judgmental. Everyone needs good soft skills and deserves to learn it.

I am proud of my client list and share with you exactly who I have worked with during my years as a professional speaker and corporate trainer.

Our curriculum is constantly evolving to meet the needs of businesses and their employees.

In fact, we are so proud of our materials, we share the images of the curriculum on our website.

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