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Business Etiquette: Your Posture and Claire on House of Cards

To have good posture you must pull your shoulders down, and elongate your spine. Hold your head high. Smile. Walk in a room with your most perfect posture. Show off your confidence, style and the fact that you know you are very comfortable in your own skin. This works whether you are sitting or standing.

Did JP Morgan Make the Right Decision with Their Recent Dress Code Policy?

Business Casual: JP Morgan’s New Dress Code JP Morgan Chase & Co announced a new dress code.  The Wall Street Journal reported on the details in their Saturday edition. JPMorgan is adopting a new business casual policy. Our largest bank is taking a break from traditions.  JP Morgan is advising employees to wear more casual […]

Business Etiquette: What NOT to Wear to the Office in the Summer

How do you manage your personal brand in the summertime when it is steamy hot outside? Here are tips to keep your bar raised for the office.  When an HR representative calls me to provide business etiquette training for their team, inappropriate dressing usually tops the list for areas that need improvement.  Don’t make the […]

Business Etiquette: Body Language

Body language is one of the keys to your success both professionally and personally. Our movements are speaking as loudly as our words, whether you know it or not.

Here are 9 tips that will significantly enhance, magnify and boost your image. 1. Powerful handshake – Is yours powerful? Are you sure? Have a friend check it out. You must make web to web contact with your hand. Business deals or job opportunities are lost due to wimpy handshakes. This a very important part of your first impression. Remember, to always stand for a handshake. This shows respect.