What is Business Etiquette Training and Why Your Employees Need It

What is business etiquette training and why is it needed? Those are loaded questions.

I will be somewhat brief.

Your employees are assets for you and your company.  The bottom line is they make you money….or not.

They add value or not.

Showing up on time, dressing the part, being friendly and kind are so important BUT ultimately, the individual must align with your goals as a company.

Business Etiquette Traits and Values Needed in Today’s Workplace

  • Persona, reputation and personal brand matters
  • Communication styles matter
  • Specific job skills matter
  • Self-awareness matter
  • Emotional Intelligence matters
  • Ability to connect with others (co-workers and clients) matters

There are more but you get where I am headed here.

You must tell them, show them and train them to align with what matters to you and your company.

We can help you solve this problem….virtually or on-site.

Your bottom line depends on it.

Business etiquette is much more than where your fork belongs.

Business Etiquette Training Workshops, Seminars and Virtual Learning Events

Let us show you what is possible with your team.

Are You Looking for Ways to Keep Your Team Connected with Creative Programming?

Let us know how we can assist you. We offer online trainings and webinars.  In fact, we can customize a training to meet your needs and timeframe.

Contact us today by phone or email. We are happy to help.

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Contact American Etiquette

About Lisa Richey and The American Academy of Etiquette

I bet you know first hand the issues many companies are facing in the workplace.

The lack of conversation skills, maybe an employee doesn’t understand they have a certain reputation and need guidance to tweak or change it, or employees are not following the dress code.

You may have a strong desire for your staff to be likeable or you want them to connect with the many generations  in the workplace.

HR professionals and sales organizations contact me to speak on topics such as personal branding, how to build stronger relationships with clients and colleagues, ways to connect the generations and of course, how to dine with ease and grace during a business meal.

If you are interested in learning more about a business etiquette training session for your team, I invite you to have a conversation.

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