Body Language

Body language is one of the keys to your success both professionally and personally. Our movements are speaking as loudly as our words, whether you know it or not.

Here are 9 tips that will significantly enhance, magnify and boost your image.

1. Powerful handshake

Is yours powerful?  Are you sure?  Have a friend check it out.  You must make web to web contact with your hand. Business deals or job opportunities are lost due to wimpy handshakes.  This a very important part of your first impression. Remember, to always stand for a handshake.  This shows respect.

2. Posture

Stand and sit up straight.  If you are slouching in a meeting you are sending a message that you are bored or tired. Slouching is also a sign of disrespect. You will also feel fresher and more awake with good posture.

3. Walk as though you know where you are going

Walk with a purpose.  See tip # 2.  Dragging your feet sends a message of disrespect and that you are not interested in yourself or others.

4. Lower your voice

Lowering your voice conveys authority. Why not exude a calm presence?

5. Eye contact

Roaming eyes and lack of eye contact can mean you are trying to hide something or just lack of confidence.  In the US, eye contact is extremely important and expected when conducting business. On average, Americans hold eye contact for about 7-10 seconds longer when we are listening.

6. Lean in

Yes, lean in slightly when having a conversation.  This shows you are truly interested in what others are saying.

7. Stay out of the other person’s bubble

That’s right, don’t stand too close.  Honor the other person’s space.

8. Be fully present

Don’t be the person who is constantly checking your phone or watch.  Being fully present is a very special gift today. It is rarely given and so greatly appreciated.  Be outstanding and different and give your undivided attention to those you are with in the moment. This is also key in being charismatic.

9. Uncross your arms

Even if you are cold, try not to shut yourself off physically.


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