Texting Etiquette

Business Etiquette and Texting

Business etiquette and texting?  Do the two go together? When in business is it appropriate to text? So much has changed with technology and you might ask yourself, what are the new rules of texting etiquette? Texting is informal and the most casual way to communicate in business.  Is it polite to text during a meeting?  Is it appropriate to send a client a text?  See the new guidelines for  business etiquette and texting when you are a busy professional.

Texting Etiquette for Business

  1. Keep in mind, the most basic standards of communication still apply when texting in your professional life. Send a text that is grammatically correct.  Text in complete sentences.  Avoid using too many abbreviations. Proofread your texts.
  2. Text short messages only.  Ask yourself if the message would be better sent in an email.
  3. Sending a client a text is not always appropriate.  What is your relationship with them? Have you known them for awhile?  If your relationship is a fairly new one, you may want to ask their preferred method of communicating.
  4. If your relationship is new or it is the first time you have sent them a text, introduce/identify yourself first.  For example, you may want to type, “this is John Smith with ABC Company”, and then your message.
  5. Not everyone has unlimited texting.  Be mindful of how often you are texting someone.
  6. Respond to a text via text or phone call.
  7. If you must return a text during a meeting, excuse yourself.  Do not text while typing underneath the conference table.  This is rude and distracting.
  8. When you are with others be mindful and fully present.  Make eye contact. Being fully engaged is a beautiful gift these days and will set you apart professionally.
  9. Do not text information that is confidential.
  10. Do not text at all hours into the evening and early morning.  Many of us do not turn our phone off during the night.

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