Business Etiquette: How You Can Emulate Claire’s Posture on House of Cards

Business Etiquette

Claire’s posture speaks volume on the television hit series (Netflix), House of Cards .  As I was speaking about business etiquette last week in New York, I noticed many opportunities for the participants to improve their posture around the workplace.

How Can You Have Exceptional Posture and Make a Dynamic First Impression

The good news is, it doesn’t cost anything to have good posture! It isn’t rocket science either.

To have good posture you must pull your shoulders down, and elongate your spine. Hold your head high. Smile. Walk in a room with your most perfect posture. Show off your confidence, style and the fact that you know you are very comfortable in your own skin. This works whether you are sitting or standing.

Body language sends many messages not only to others but also to yourself.  Body language effects how you feel on the inside. This is important.  If you lack confidence and you are insecure, you may be making yourself small with your rounded shoulders and arms crossed. Sit up straight with your arms on the table or down by your side.  Notice how you feel inside.

Claire’s posture in the series, House of Cards, is outstanding.  Watch how she walks into a room. Notice how she sits. We often forget when we are sitting at a conference room table about our posture. This is extremely important.  If you are watching and listening to the president of your company make a presentation and you are slouching, this is sending a boat load of messages about how you are feeling.  Are you bored? Tired? Just not interested?

 Exceptional posture is the cornerstone of a powerful first impression. 

If you are interested in learning more about a business etiquette training session for your team, I invite you to have a conversation.

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