Business Etiquette Training

How do you manage your personal brand in the summertime when it is steamy hot outside? Here are tips to keep your bar raised for the office.  When an HR representative calls me to provide business etiquette training for their team, inappropriate dressing usually tops the list for areas that need improvement.  Don’t make the mistake of not understanding how to dress professionally, especially during the summer.

What NOT to Wear to the Office

Tank Tops – Too much skin will show for the office.

Golf skirts – You know the saying, “There is a time and place for everything” Wearing a skirt that is too short is never appropriate at the office.

Flip flops– Never make this mistake.  Why would you want to look like you are going to the beach or getting ready to do your laundry?

Shorts- Just too casual for the office.

Boat shoes- Too casual so save them for the boat ride with your friends.

Maxi dresses- Save this look for the cookout you are invited to over the weekend.

Sunglasses– Do not wear your sunglasses inside

Workout clothes- Do not follow this trend.  Yoga pants are never appropriate for the office, not even with a blazer or a tunic.  You are not getting paid to be that comfortable.

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