What a great idea!  Open Table has partnered with Bon Appetit and Banana Republic to create a list of restaurants so you can dine out in style during the work week.  So, how do you dine out in style?  What if you are going out after work for a business dinner?  Is it different than going out after work with friends?  Here are a few tips and points to consider when getting dressed in the morning.

 How to Dress for a Business Dinner

  •  Plan ahead.  We must be smart when choosing what to wear, whether dressing for a day at the office or dinner after. What we choose to wear says a lot about us.  Since you have plans after work, you might choose a dress with a cardigan or fitted blazer.  Your shoes can make a difference in the overall appearance of an outfit.  Even though you are going out to dinner, in order to keep your total look professional, opt for a closed toe. If your office is very casual, slacks are fine pared with a blouse or pullover.  Fit is key.  Is your top buttoned up and professional?  How is the fit?  If it is too tight or doesn’t fit properly, don’t wear it.
  • Don’t over or under dress. Let the location guide your choices when getting dressed in the morning.  If the dinner is with potential clients in an upscale restaurant or city dining club, dress accordingly.  If the dinner is down the street at a casual restaurant, then dress down a bit but still pull out your professional attire.
  • Dress for your industry.  If you are an attorney your attire will be different that if you are an editor for Vogue magazine.  Being in a creative industry allows for more adventurous choices.

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