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Should you regift? If you are going to regift, make sure you know the do’s and don’ts.  Pay attention to the details.  Check for tags and gift receipts tucked away inside the tissue paper.  Keep track of who gifted the item to you!  You do not want to give an item back to the person who gave it to you.

Here are more details and tips about regifting.

Don’ts of Regifting:

  • Never regift an item that has been used
  • Never regift a food item that is out of date (past shelf life)
  • Do not regift handmade items by a family member. If Aunt Sue knitted an orange and green scarf for you, do not pass it along to a cousin
  • Do not regift an item that has been personalized (anniversary dates, birthday, messages)
  • Do not deny if you are caught regifting

Do’s of Regifting:

  • Regift an item that you think someone else might enjoy. There is no need to clutter your closets and keep an item that you will never use. Pass it along or give it to charity.
  • It is acceptable to regift but you must be comfortable doing so
  • Check the container for any previous gift tags or return receipts. This is a very important step when choosing to regift
  • Take a close look at the box or container. Is it in good shape? Is it tattered in any way?
  • Take the time to rewrap the gift
  • If you are attending a regifting party, make sure the items you are taking have not been gifted by a person included on the guest list
  • Make sure the gift is appropriate for the person you are giving it to

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