Common courtesy still rules and just because we have the tools doesn’t mean we should use them anytime or anyplace.  If you are out and about look around  and observe how many heads are buried in a cell phone. It is not uncommon to see friends (or couples) having lunch together and one of them is so distracted by texting or reading an email.  This is so rude.  Basically  you are sending the message to your guest that what is happening on your phone is much more interesting or important than spending time with them.

Here are tips for texting:

  • Think before you text.  You would not make a call during a movie, at the theater or church so you shouldn’t text either.  People can hear you clicking away not to mention the light on your cell phone.
  • Do not text during a conversation.  Be fully present with the person that is with you.
  • When you receive a text, respond when you can by sending a text or a phone call.  Verizon recommends anything over 160 characters should be sent in an email or phone call.
  • Consider the message you are sending.  Is it best to call, email or text?  Sad news or something that might be disturbing needs to be communicated by something other than a text.
  • Do respond to a text that has been sent in error.  Just state you are not the intended recipient.
  • Remember your cell phone has plenty of germs.  Do not place it on the table during mealtime.
  • Don’t text while driving.  Need I say more.
  • Do not rely on texting to build friendships. The human connection is still key.
  • Do not text during class, mealtime, meetings, etc. This is rude. If you absolutely must send a text, excuse yourself and go to the next room or someplace private.
  • Just because you are a night owl doesn’t mean you should send a text at 2am.  So many of us do not turn our cell phone off during the night and your text message just keeps beeping and interrupts our sleep.
  • Abbreviations are acceptable with texting but keep them at a minimum.

What is your opinion on texting?  I would love to know.