Dressing for success can be a challenge when our culture has become so casual.  When you dress professionally, boy do you stand out….in a good way.  Why not choose to be outstanding?  It is my observation that too many are focused on being comfortable and choosing just to fit it.  Step away from the pack and be different.  Here is why.

Earlier this week, I wrote about three very successful entrepreneurs.  Alexa von Toble, one of the three women, crossed my reading path again.  In addition to being featured on the TODAY Show, she is also the topic of a Forbes article. The article addresses and gives you guidance on what to wear to an investor meeting.  Alexa is the CEO of Learn Vest, and has raised over $24 million.  In the article she points out her investor meetings were formal affairs so she dressed the part, skirt suit, heels and polished hair.  She says “There are huge decisions being made at these meetings.  Show those decisions and dollars the right amount of respect and dress as professionally as possible.”

Von Tobel goes on to say while she sticks to a  pulled together corporate look, she makes a point to incorporate one bold or brightly colored item to make her outfit more memorable.  She might pair a brightly colored orange dress with a black or navy blazer.  If she wears a skirt, she will wear a brightly colored blouse.  This is a great way to show your style and be authentic but professional at the same time.

Whether  you are in sales, a seasoned professional, or a new hire, you are being judged on your ability to represent your company or brand.


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