The workplace would be chaotic without business etiquette training from experts like us.

Without a set of etiquette standards, a company will not achieve its goal of profitable earnings.

Having a Set of Business Etiquette Guidelines Allows Companies To:

  • Build cohesive business relationships with clients and co-workers
  • Be respected in their industry
  • Communicate to employees what is appropriate behavior and what is not
  • Understand cultural differences; recognize the values of others
  • Setting a code or standards should not be thought of as a bunch of rules- far from it.

Etiquette is caring about professional behavior.  I like to think of using etiquette as a form of self-interest.  You choose to use it because of who you are-not because someone is telling you you must.

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Business Etiquette Certification

This where a “personal brand” comes into play as well as a vision for a company. 

When working with companies, you have to consider if their employees understand the company’s vision?  

Recently, a company hired me to work with their employee’s specifically to “up-level” the customer’s experience.

Our first goal was to align their team with the vision of the company.

This company delivers their product to the customer within an hour of their order (within a certain zip code).

The delivery drivers are a crucial part of the company’s brand.  They are the “human experience” for the company.

How they act, the drivers persona, the way the make act eye contact, handle problems, the appearance of their uniforms,  all make a difference.  The drivers are the “brand” of the company.  

After the business etiquette training, the drivers have a common thread with the company.  They understand why using business etiquette skills are imperative to an “up-leveled” experience. 

Yes, I realize not all standards of etiquette are the same in the business world. A financial company will be different from a graphic design firm.

Employees represent a company.  It is a good idea to communicate and reinforce these standards so that a company thrives.

Here Are Nine Topics To Deliver as a Business Etiquette Expert 

  1.  Non-Verbal Communication Skills; body language
  2. Written and Verbal Communication Skills
  3. Professional Presence; how you dress, and present yourself
  4. Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness
  5. Taking Initiative
  6. Empathy in the Workplace
  7. Focus on What Matters
  8. Building a Network
  9. Getting Along with Multiple Generations

There is nothing accidental about a brand or company that catches your attention.

As I was working with the company mentioned above, I started paying close attention to my interactions in my daily experience- UPS store, Whole Foods,  and Fed-Ex to name a few.

Our Fed-Ex driver is friendly fast and of course, I love it when he comments on our cute miniature pincher (even though the hair on her back is about to peel off her back).  He makes an effort to make a “human connection”.  I like that as most of us do.

The people at Whole Foods are friendly, make eye contact, and always ask about shopping experience.  They want to know if I found everything I needed.

The UPS store recognizes me by name, makes eye contact immediately and greets me by saying “good morning” .

All of this matters. 

Their employees have been trained and coached to offer this type of value when serving their customers.

You need to alert employees that etiquette skills are important to a company’s profitability.

Don’t assume they know how to extend this type of behavior.

A leaders main goal is to be profitable.  This will not happen if their employees do not understand the mission of the company, mistreat their co-workers and clients and do not have the desire for self-respect.

Executives must know your employees are watching and looking to them for guidance.  

If each person on their team is not aligning with the company’s values and branding, they are losing money. 

A business etiquette workshop aligns a team and provides real-life guidance and direction.

Can you imagine how an office and team would benefit from learning good business etiquette skills?  

Here is How a Company Benefits from Business Etiquette Training:

They feel more respected

Have self-awareness and an understanding of using emotional intelligence in the workplace

Improve a company’s culture

Increased confidence – professionally and personally

Effective communication skills

Build better relationships with co-workers and customers

A team will be more polished

Align with a company’s mission

You know what is great about business etiquette training?  It has an immediate effect on a team.  This isn’t something that needs to be studied.  

Once this is brought to their attention, you will be amazed how quickly a team responds to the training.

Here Are Your Next Steps to Discover How You Can Become Certified to be a Business Etiquette Speaker

Step 1

Most likely, you are interested in getting to know me.  Would you like to set a time to speak?   A video call is also an option.

Click on one of the links below and let me know your preference.  One link is to set a time to speak, the other link will connect us via email.

Step 2

We offer two training options. 

One option is to train in-person, the other is a virtual training.  Both trainings are very personal.  

If you choose the in-person, we will mutually agree upon the dates and the location.  Most major cities are available (Washington DC, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Charlotte, etc.).  

The virtual training is “live” via video.  Again, we mutually decide on the dates.  Most choose to have their trainings once a week, others twice.   This is NOT self-guided.  We work together every step of the way.

The cost of the license, certification and training is $4400 (virtual or in-person)

A benefit of  the virtual training option is YOU save on travel costs.

To see what is included, click here to discover all the details.  We are very proud and share what our materials look like and who our corporate clients are.

Step 3

I help you launch your new business.  I am with you every step of the way.

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