While working remotely has many advantages, conducting interviews might not be one of them. It is challenging to identify the best fit for your business through a computer screen. You may find yourself scouring the Internet for Zoom interview tips to make it easier!

Search no more! As long as video meetings remain an integral part of online business culture, you need to approach it with a positive mindset.  Everything that you need to boost your confidence and transform your thinking around Zoom meetings and interviews is in this post.

11 Powerful Zoom Interview Tips and Meeting Hosting Tips

When the meeting starts, all eyes are on you—the Zoom host. (Or at least you hope they are!) Zoom interviews differ from in-person meetings because you don’t know what distractions are taking place off screen.

With some adjustments, you can become as confident and present online as you are sitting in a room with someone. Just consider these Zoom interview tips.

Make Sure All Of Your Technology Is Up To Date

The key to hosting a successful online interview or business meeting is to remove as much technological interference as possible. You want everyone to feel as relaxed and natural as they would in a traditional office setting. 

A choppy picture, dull microphone, or glitchy Internet connection definitely kills the professional vibe. That’s why the first on this list of Zoom interview tips is to update your tech.

This will help you create an easy up-leveled virtual experience for all. Utilize smart conference rooms and offices with integrated technology to produce high-quality virtual meetings.

Plan Ahead and Stay Organized

Next up for Zoom interview tips is to plan. Hesitation or confusion during a remote interview reads more dramatically than those in-person, so you want to be sure that you are prepared before logging on. 

You don’t want to risk losing your audience or missing key points of discussion because you showed up underprepared. With proper organization, video meetings become better, shorter, and more inclusive.

Think about who will be on the call and how you can serve their needs ahead of time:

  • Do they live in a different time zone?
  • Do they have small children?  
  • Do they have adequate work-from-home space and technology?

Your interviewees will appreciate all of your upfront consideration! You can help them be at their best by time blocking the meeting and sticking to a limit for each discussion topic.  

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Show Up Early and Set Up The Waiting Room

This might be the most considerate of Zoom interview tips: simply set up a virtual waiting room. Just as someone interviewing in-person would likely arrive early, they need a place to wait in cyberspace.

Setting up a waiting room gives your interviewees those final moments to prepare what they need to say instead of frantically watching the clock or having to dial in multiple times in anticipation of your availability. Let them call in a little early and take a deep breath before the meeting starts.

Prioritize Active Listening

There is a difference between hearing and listening.  When you are listening, you are seeking to understand the person you are interviewing and engaging with them in a productive way. This may seem simple, but it is one of the most effective Zoom interview tips out there.  

Pay careful attention to where your eyes are during the conversation—they should be locked on your interviewee. Don’t get sucked into the trap of looking at yourself or at something going on behind the screen!

Let Everyone Contribute

This is one of a few Zoom interview tips that can be applied to other sorts of virtual meetings. Simply make sure that you hear many voices and not just your own

Often, team interviews will involve multiple hiring managers or teammates who have different questions to ask or things to contribute. So take turns!

It helps to remember that the person you are interviewing may be applying to a virtual role, so they need to be able to stand out during a virtual meeting. Observe if and how they jump into the conversation.

Take Initiative

While you want lots of participation from other people during a virtual conversation, there are several times during a Zoom interview or team meeting where you need to grab hold of the steering wheel yourself! 

Take initiative for the following reasons:

  • If someone derails an important topic.
  • When time is running low.
  • If you need to hear from a specific person.

Never forget that you are the leader! Take initiative when you need to.

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Share Expectations For Zoom Calls

Of all Zoom interview tips, this one should not be overlooked. Help your interviewees or teammates get into the proper headspace for a meeting by telling them in advance what you expect.

This includes attire (just because you are virtual doesn’t mean that anything goes in the clothes department), topics to discuss, or background appearance (a blank wall, for example). Frontloading those expectations can help make everyone feel more confident logging in.

Take Advantage Of The Chat Feature

Here is one of few Zoom interview tips that truly embraces the convenience of being online! The Zoom chat feature allows you to share files, links, quick side-messages, or friendly memes when you want to lighten the mood.

Having visual aid can often help get your point across during a virtual meeting! 

Ask Your Team (Or Interviewee) About Their Preferences

While some interviews or meetings have to be done in a specific way, others allow for some input from those you are meeting with. For example, you can ask your interviewee if they’d prefer to meet with hiring managers one at a time or as a group (maybe including team members). 

You can offer to do a phone interview prior to the Zoom interview, as well. Giving some options helps the person you are meeting to show the best version of themselves. 

Follow Up After The Interview or Meeting 

Don’t skip this one! It is one of our most important Zoom interview tips. 

If you’re hosting a meeting, make sure you follow up on anything you promised to handle after the meeting. Type out a few notes for yourself right away so you don’t forget. 

But if you’re hosting a Zoom interview, it’s not necessarily up to you to follow up with the interviewee right away. Reach out to your fellow interviewers (if there were any) to let them know your thoughts. Take a few moments to type out your first impressions or key takeaways so that you don’t forget them.

You might also expect that the interviewee reaches out to thank you for your time! Let them know the feelings are mutual (if they are!). Remember, no one likes feeling like they’re being ‘ghosted,’ so treat people with respect, even if you are planning to hire someone else. 

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Focus On Making Everyone Feel Comfortable

Last (but not the least) of these Zoom interview tips is comfort. Just because you are dealing through a computer screen doesn’t mean that you should feel mechanical. 

Crack a joke when the mood strikes! Take sips of water. And have patience all around. There is no such thing as a perfect Zoom interview, but you can come pretty close if you balance being prepared and being relaxed.

Leading a virtual interview is undoubtedly stressful, but you can find the best candidates for your team by using these surefire Zoom interview tips. The interviewee on the other end of your connection will thank you for it!

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