Business Etiquette Training and Certification

Business Etiquette Certification and Training: Start Before You Are Ready

Sometimes, we need a little nudge every now and then.
Today I am sharing two of my “nudges” that created the greatest results for me and my professional life.
You may already know I am the founder of Manners To Go, which also has a certification and training program.
Actually, I started the Manners To Go certification before I was ready.  That’s right.  The requests to become licensed by us added up.  Finally, one day a potential licensee called to inquire. She wanted and needed it rather quickly.  And the rest is history.  She gave me the reason and a really big nudge.
I licensed her before the program/curriculum was complete and ready.
This ONE nudge was life changing for me and my business.
I started my first job as a young woman before I actually graduated from college.  I was lucky.  I walked across the stage to receive my degree and had already started working for a major corporation.  It was my dream job.
I accepted the job before I was ready. This, too, was life changing.  The bar was raised and I stepped up to meet it.
Think about something you have been wanting to do.  What would happen if you said yes to it?
Life is so much more exhilarating and rich when you are participating and not standing on the sidelines watching everyone else have fun.
Sometimes, clarity comes in the process of doing.  You learn and grow as you go along.
Here is the good news, if you are interested in becoming an etiquette speaker, trainer or expert, we can help you.
We have a done-for-you system.

Would You Like to Learn More About Starting a Business as a Corporate Trainer and Speaker

I can show you how to become a business etiquette speaker and trainer.

The NEW Business Etiquette for Today’s Workplace

Step 1

Most likely, you are interested in getting to know me. Would you like to set a time to speak?

Click on one of the links below and let me know your preference.One link is to set a time to speak, the other link will connect us via email.

Contact American Etiquette

Contact American Etiquette

You choose.

Step 2

We offer two training options.

One option is to train in-person, the other is a virtual training. Both trainings are personal.

If you choose the in-person, we will mutually agree upon the dates and the location.Most major cities are available (Washington DC, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Charlotte, etc.).

The virtual training is “live” via video. Again, we mutually decide on the dates. Most choose to have their trainings once a week, others twice. This is NOT self-guided. We work together every step of the way.

A benefit ofthe virtual training option is YOU save on travel costs.

The cost of the license and business etiquette certification and training is $4400 (virtual or in-person)

To see what is included, click here to discover all the details.We are very proud and share what our materials look like and who our corporate clients are.

Step 3

I help you launch your new business. I am with you every step of the way.

Click here to learn more about our business etiquette certification and training.

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