6 Lessons Learned as the Founder of The American Academy of Etiquette

Oh my goodness, if walls could talk!  This journey of being an entrepreneur has brought so much joy and of course some not so good days along the way.  

That is life.  The not-so-good days are what makes us strong.  It is our wisdom.

I am an entrepreneur who loves every second of what I have learned and the experiences I have encountered.

I do have a “bring it and watch me” attitude.

Lessons Learned as the founder of The American Academy of Etiquette

Here is my list so far:

1.My value as a woman and entrepreneur

2. It takes grit, gumption and stamina to own a business

3. Offer what your audience needs right now in this moment even if you think otherwise

4.The power of meditation (a calm presence is so appreciated when working with others)

5. Listening to what your clients want from you

6.Creativity and content is king and will most likely not change in the near future

Manners, life skills and emotional intelligence will always be needed and important in our world.  This topic is here to stay.  It may come with different terms and pretty colors but it will always matter.

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Step 1

Most likely, you are interested in getting to know me.  Would you like to set a time to speak?   A video call is also an option!

Click on one of the links below and let me know your preference.  One link is to set a time to speak, the other link will connect us via email.

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Contact American Etiquette

Step 2

We offer two training options to become certified in business etiquette training

One option is to train in-person, the other is a virtual training.  Both trainings are very personal.  

If you choose the in-person, we will mutually agree upon the dates and the location.  Most major cities are available (Washington DC, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Charlotte, etc.).  

The virtual training is “live” via video.  Again, we mutually decide on the dates.  Most choose to have their trainings once a week, others twice.   This is NOT self-guided.  We work together every step of the way.

The cost of the license, certification and training is $4400 (virtual or in-person)

A benefit of  the virtual training option is YOU save on travel costs.

To see what is included in our business etiquette certification program, click here to discover all the details.  We are very proud and share what our materials look like and who our corporate clients are.

Step 3

I help you launch your new business.  I am with you every step of the way.

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